What sets Aftermarket Analytics apart is our innovative map-based approach to data. We understand the powerful potential of using maps in business, as they level the playing field so that key decision makers in your organization can visualize the opportunities and risks unique to your company. Maps mean everyone can participate in the development of your enterprise strategy.

Aftermarket Analytics’ web-based deliverables provide superior value. Unlike an email full of spreadsheets, web applications allow you to easily and inexpensively share data across your organization. Our secure web applications ensure seamless, real-time communication among employees, channel partners, and customers.

Demand and Sales Forecasting
We leverage your investment in third party and internal data to provide tailored demand estimates and sales forecasts at the trade-area level.

Replacement Rate Modeling
Our predictive models allow you to estimate a specific repair rate for any virtually any vehicle on the road.

Inventory Optimization
Based on the parameters relevant to you and your channel partners, we provide inventory recommendations for any SKU at the store and/or distribution center level.

Software Development
Our team of software developers create customized, web-based applications — suited to your specific needs — that efficiently manage your inventory and supply chain.

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