We know that it is important that you get the right inventory to the right place at the right time. We also know it has been an expensive and time consuming challenge to turn massive data into actionable knowledge. Which is why we created one affordable web-based solution that includes VIO data and allows customized replacement rate modeling.


The video below demonstrates how straightforward and quick it is to run a demand forecast using Inventory Analyst.

A customer using Inventory Analyst recently said “The industry knows where to get VIO and pay big money for it. Aftermarket Analytics have delivered VIO in Inventory Analyst. Making it much more user friendly and inexpensive.”

Our goal is to help the Aftermarket save money, both on analytics and inventory expenses.  Written by Justin Holman, CEO of Aftermarket Analytics here is our opinion on the “Future of VIO”

One of the features of Inventory Analyst that is very popular with our customers is the ability to customize replacement rate modeling within the software.  We also know that:

“Good replacement rates are the aftermarket data holy grail and Aftermarket Analytics knows how to derive them in inventory analyst.”

“The industry has some replacement rates floating around, but none are derived in the statistically sound way that Aftermarket Analytics does in.”

Perhaps, after you have watched the video below, you will be asking yourself how the replacement rate curves were derived in the first place or how Aftermarket Analytics can help your business develop your own replacement rates – Yes we can also do it for you, see our services or read the following article, Replacement Rate Models for Category Management in the Automotive Aftermarket.


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