A clear understanding of the total demand for your products is the first step in making good distribution and inventory decisions. However, gauging demand is difficult and can often be a costly hit-and-miss process for your company. Aftermarket Analytics has built cutting-edge models that predict SKU-level sales by store location and time period, giving you a one-stop source for understanding the revenue potential of your retail outlets.

Demand Estimates
We begin by integrating our replacement rate models with standard data resources such as Experian or Polk. We run analytics at the ZIP code level with replacement rates for vehicles of every make, model, and state of registration. We can go a step further, incorporating your company’s catalog data to generate total demand by SKU. These steps provide the tools you need to identify demand patterns and calculate market share.

Sales Forecasting
To make demand estimates more useful, we can combine subsets of geography (such as ZIP codes around a store location) to determine store trade areas. Then, in collaboration with your channel partners, we gather information regarding the aftermarket dynamics, channel market share, and part attributes for each store location. Adjusting for these factors, we turn SKU-level demand estimates into tailored sales forecasts for individual store trade areas.

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