Software Spotlight: Inventory Analyst

At Aftermarket Analytics we believe demand estimates don’t have to be demanding.  That is why we developed “Inventory Analyst”, a web-based, robust, part-level demand forecasting engine that includes VIO and an interface for modifying replacement rate models.

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Our Services 

Are you in the automotive aftermarket and looking to improve category management, increase supply chain efficiency, and boost profits? Our finely tuned predictive models and easy-to-use web applications are tailored for your company’s needs. We can enable you to customize inventory that you place in distribution centers and in stores  —  resulting in targeted placement and exceptional sales.

What our customers are saying…

“With VIO and replacement rates, Inventory Analyst has become the first ever one stop shop for demand assessment and inventory planning, all in one easy to use platform.”

“Good replacement rates are the aftermarket data holy grail and Aftermarket Analytics knows how to derive them in inventory analyst.”

“The industry has some replacement rates floating around, but none are derived in the statistically sound way that Aftermarket Analytics does in.”

“The industry knows where to get VIO and pay big money for it. Aftermarket Analytics have delivered VIO in Inventory Analyst. Making it much more user friendly and inexpensive.”

Our Blog

Written by Justin Holman, CEO of Aftermarket Analytics, our blog provides us with an opportunity to share our opinions on topics that are affecting the aftermarket industry.

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